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De Novo Systems is closed.

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5/18/2012 Dear friends of CaseMgr, With considerable sadness we must announce that, after twenty plus years in the legal case management software business, De Novo Systems is closing its doors. There will be no further updates to De Novo CaseMgr, the law office case management software package we released in January of 2004. We had hoped to ship an updated version to simplify working with Windows 7 and Vista, but technical issues with our underlying development software (Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database language, which Microsoft has discontinued*) and with the software'??s internal programming have made updating the extraordinarily complex code which supports CaseMgr impossible. The free phone support we formerly offered must of course be discontinued, but I will attempt to respond to email requests for support as long as possible. We've devised a transition plan that would allow users who want to continue to use CaseMgr, or to expand their installations, to do so at a greatly reduced price. At least through January, licensed users can upgrade from their current license limit to an unlimited license (no more messages complaining that 'All licenses are already in use'!) for $199, formerly the cost of a 1-station upgrade. We've also found an organization capable of assisting in recoverery of damaged data files! Contact Thomas Swaney at 'Milestone Computer' if necessary: The best protection, as always, is nightly backups of your CaseMgrData folder, and you will want at least a week of such nightly backups before you think about overwriting the oldest one with a more recent copy. On a personal note, I've enjoyed working with all of you over the years, beginning with the Macintosh-only, HyperCard-based Legal Case Manager in 1992, through TRIAL De Novo for Windows and Mac beginning in 1995, and finally with Window-only De Novo CaseMgr since 2004. It's been quite a ride! I hope the coming years bring you great satisfaction and good cases. Sincerely, Fred Brock *A consultant discusses Microsoft's 'End of Life' statement re. Visual FoxPro:

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